Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Vehexa Human
Physical Age 30
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Neledia Alliance
Abilities Water Elemental
Vehicles NRS Danford
Status Alive

One of the very few Vehexa Humans to have Elemental Powers, the specific one he has (Water) means he's also one of the few whose immune system matches (if not exceeds) the efficiency of a normal Humans. The main protector to Princess Nalia Mae Sials, he's helped foil numerous assassination attempts made on her by the Morgothians, and, later, the Shadow Alliance.


Morgothian Raid, 23956 Neledia Dating System (2076, CED (Coalition Earth Dating))Edit

His most famous story took place as the Neledia Fleet was fleeing the <Please Rewrite>, when a large Morgothian fleet appeared and attempted to destroy the NRS Juno, with Nalia onboard. Without aid or support from one of the other battlegroups, Rayo quickly organized a counter offensive that beat back the attack, before reinforcements arrived.


  • Although Rayo's actual character has been in the works for a while, the final model is based off of Galaxy Online II's Commander of the same name.

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