Ravnovesiye Vosstanovlen
Frauen 2
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Pseudo-Erachi (Made from, among others, a Tenno)
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction N/A
Abilities Pseudo-Erachi Abilities
Status Alive

Ravnovesiye 'Rav' Vosstanovlen is the name given to a Pseudo-Erachi whose physical form is that of a Tenno Warrior, presumably an Equinox User, if her Soul Armor is any indicator.

Rav was originally an unknown Tenno Warrior, along with various beings from 27 other planes, until a surviving Marethari scientist found her and the other composite individuals, and mixed their souls into her body. This resulted in her losing her memories and her personality being re-written. This was being done by the scientist in an attempt to make an Erachi army.

She was experimented on when she woke up, until Keryn Renner sensed her presence, rescuing her while the scientist escaped. Taken in by Keryn, Rav began adjusting to her new life, while learning to control her new abilities.


For a short while after she was rescued, Ravnovesiye was quiet, to the point where some consider it unnerving. She kept her emotions in check, and rarely expressed herself. As time went on, however, she opened up, becoming more expressive and more willing to show her emotions.

It's noted that one trait she retains from being a Tenno, other than her agility and strength, is her lack of a fashion sense.


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