Racina'den is the name given for the unknown creature Dhaka'ra adopted as a pet.

Physiology and AppearenceEdit

Not much is known about this creature that is always by Dhaka'ras side, other then the fact it is a male. wolf-life protodermis based creature (Meaning it is from the bionicle universe.). The front legs of Racina'den are black while the back legs and ears are blue, but his fur and metal is white. Racina'den appears to also have a shell similar to that of an Ussal Crabs on his back, along with bioluminescent ears which Jerdak suggested were used to attract mates of his species. He seems to have the behavior of wolves, but he also has the behavior of an Ussal Crab resulting in part of himself being laid back and calm, untill he or one of his friends is threatened.


  • Racina'dens name is mandalorian for 'Pale Rage'
  • Racina'den is based off one of the MOCS I made.

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