RAH-66H Comanche Aggressor
4420-modem rah66 02
A Comanche Aggressor
Vehicle statistics
Vehicle Function Stealth Gunship
Length 14.28 meters
Width 12 meters (Wingspan)
Height 3.37 meters
Crew Capacity 2
Engines Antigrav Units, Rotors (backup)
Weapons Various
  • Turreted Gravimetric Acceleration Gatling Gun (1)
  • Internal Bays (can possess any of the following)
    • Scourge Air-to-Ground Missiles (6)
    • Lance Air-to-Air Missiles (12)
    • Basilisk Rockets (24)
  • Optional Stub Wing Hardpoints (can possess any of the following)
    • Scourge Air-to-Ground Missiles (8)
    • Lance Air-to-Air Missiles (16)
    • Basilisk Rockets (56)
Class Status Active

A full overhaul of the RAH-66 Comanche design, the RAH-66H became the official designation for Hellcat Squadran's premier atmospheric gunship in 2353.

Considered the Hellcat Squadran equivalent of the GDI Orca and UNSC Pelican Lines, the Comanche design has long been a staple in Hellcat Squadran's mainstream forces' ground warfare. As the years went on, the Comanche was being constantly modified to try to keep up with the times, while having its niche slowly being absorbed by other craft, purchased from other factions or utilized by Hellcat Squadrans sub-groups. Examples of these craft include the LAAT/i used by the New Republic and the Phantom Legion subgroup of HS, the Orcas purchased from GDI, the UNSC's Pelicans, and so on.

Finally, however, during the height of the Ancient Reaper War, Hellcat Squadran realized the need of a completely internal design for various vehicles, resulting in Project Reincarnation, a project based on Phantom Legion's Project Resurrection. Among the designs needed was a gunship design, and vehicle designers participating in the project revisited the still-in-service RAH-66 Comanche, long since past its prime, and barely holding together with the modifications made by it. Soon, the Comanche was selected, alongside its heavier, assault-oriented cousin, the AH-64 Apache and the Apache's longer-ranged sibling AH-64D Apache Longbow, as designs to be upgraded. The Comanche resulted in the RAH-66H Comanche Aggressor, an active camouflage-equipped stealth gunship equipped with antigrav units, a gravity-propelled Gatling gun, and other advanced technology, rolled seamlessly into the design, unlike previous Comanche retrofits.

During their first deployment in the Ancient Reaper War, the Comanche Aggressor was responsible for numerous enemy troop and light vehicle casualties.

As with all units created in Project Reincarnation, the Comanche Aggressor also contains an optional remote/drone control interface, allowing for independent, pilot-less operations.


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