Quel 'Zeelom
Quel Time War
Quel 'Zeelom during the Consortium War
Vital statistics
Title Chief Medical Officer
Callsign {{{call}}}
Gender male
Race Sangheili
Physical Age 40
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Covenant (Formerly), Covenant Separatists, Hellcat Squadran
Tools * Type-1 Energy Weapon/Sword
Vehicles Type-26 Ground Support Aircraft
Status Alive

"Being a doctor is not a......'walk in the park,' as you put it. I usually have to deal with things that would make you soldier-types squerm." - Quel 'Zeelom

Quel is Hellcat Squadran's Chief Medical Officer. He was the one who healed Amarra after the attack by the Jiralhanae that injured her, Kei Nagase when she was rescued from a NOD POW Camp, May after she was left to die by a NOD Shadow team, and, later, Sarah Sanders after Shadow Tartorus nearly killed her, followed by ODST Grievous after a wall collapsed on him. He was originally the Coalition's foremost medical officer, but, when the Crogenitor Insurgency joined up, Quel was quickly outranked by Meditron.


Pre-Hellcat Squadran HistoryEdit

He was one of man sons of a legendary swords men he was raised with many other children to be proud warriors as well as learing standard education. He however instead of hunting the local Pikena he actually tended to the ones that were injured much to the dismay of his Uncle and mother. He served as a soldier for five years straight but saw very little combat and spent a majority of his time healling the wounded.

Treklan WarEdit

He soon became a doctor continuing to displease his own people by drawing their blood in a non combat fashion. He saved numerous lives but never was accepted by his family or those he helped. He soon learned the anatomies of Humans and even the secretive Scrin after coming to earth he ended up as a medical officer for Hellcat Squadran.

Sangheili Medic

Quel 'Zeelom during the Treklan and Shadow Wars

Shadow WarEdit

Resurrectal WarEdit

Consortium WarEdit

Quel Combat

Quel 'Zeelom forced into battle during the Final Battle at Earth

Cybertron IncidentEdit

Krolok InvasionEdit



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