Pyroketox is a character made for Custom Bionicle, but the character itself was created by IceBite (User).

"Whether in my universe or not, I will always fight the same: for the good of those who are innocent or virtuous."-Pyroketox

Pyroketox, ready for battle
Vital statistics
Gender N/A (treated as Male)
Race Unique
Physical Age Same as Mata Nui
Alignment Lawful Good (with Chaotic Tendencies)
Faction Order of Mata Nui, Enforcers of Tren Krom
Tools Makuta Staff Blades, Guurahk Staff, Antidermis Destroyer
Abilities Master-Level Energy Manipulation Powers
Status Alive

Pyroketox is a joint member of the Enforcers of Tren Krom and the Order of Mata Nui. He rarely associates with Hellcat Squadran, much prefering to operate alongside the Dalmascans.


Arrival in Hellcat Squadran UniverseEdit

Shadow WarEdit

Pyroketox participated in the Battle of Vessl Negla. He was among Queen Ashe's party when IceBite arrived at Vessl Negla's Capital.


Pyroketox undeniably has the most powerful Energy Manipulation Powers in any known universe. The main, and only, reasoning for this is that Pyroketox is basically Energy Incarnate. His control over Energy greatly outmatches many.


  • When stressed, he speaks in an accent similar to Scottish.

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