Cocoon, the last survivng landmark of Pulse, until 2027, when it was destroyed
Vital statistics
Star, Position  ?
Moon(s)  ?
Satellite(s)  ?
Gravity Normal
Atmosphere N2, O2, CO2
Population 0
Species Humans (Formerly), various unknown creaturres
Technology Tier Tier 3

Pulse. also known as Gran Pulse, is the homeworld of Phantom Legion members Claire 'Lightning' Farron, Serah Farron, and Snow Villers. The surface was devastated by the Zann Consortium at the beginning of the Consortium War.

After the war, Lightning returned with Snow, Serah, Zack Sigurdson, and Ryan to free 2 of Lightning's friends, Fang and Vanille, who trapped in crystal stasis in Cocoon. This, however, had one side-effect: future reconnaissance of the planet revealed that without Fang and Vanille managing the Pillar holding up Cocoon, it had had collapsed, destroying Cocoon along with it, leaving Pulse a barren wasteland.

Around 2100, reconnaissance of the planet revealed that its ecosystem had finally begun to recover from the Consortium War. It was estimated that, by 2190, it should be inhabitable again, which reconnaissance during that year confirmed.

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