Project Spybotics
Counter-clockwise from top: Gigamesh G60, Shadowstrike S70, Technojaw T55, Snaptrax S45
Project Characteristics
Project Leader May
Known Participants
Date Started 2304
Project Conclusion 2310
Purpose Create infiltration robots
Products of Research Various
Faction Cloak and Dagger Special Ops Corps

Project Spybotics is a Cloak and Dagger Special Ops Corps project designed to produce a new set of robotic infiltrators, meant to gather information, either from hiding and observing, or by hacking into computer systems.


Gigamesh G60Edit

Gigamesh has a unique set of wheels, made of many gears rotating to move the wheels, giving it a spider-like movement, it's the most terrain-adapt Spybot, it can move over hills and even 45 degree inclines without stalling or flipping itself. Though it's very easy to get something stuck in the wheels, a string or a brick can easily jam it up if it gets in the gears.

The civilian variant is the Gigamesh G30.

Shadowstrike S70Edit

Shadowstrike has a three-wheel drive system, making it fast and easy to maneuver, it has a set of Claws that close when it moves forward. Though it is fast and maneuverable, it isn't very strong, it's not hard for another bot to drive into it and rip off the entire front bumper and wheel, or one of it's claws.

The civilian variant is the Shadowstrike S35.

The Shadowstrike is May's personal favorite of the Spybots, and her personal Spybot is a modified Shadowstrike S70 that is equipped with a Cloaking Device.

Snaptrax S45Edit

Snaptrax has claw pincers on the front, which close when it moves forward. Snaptrax has tank-like treads, not the most ideal for terrain, and can easily get caught if another Spybot gets its claws in-between the wheels. But it's sturdy 2-tread design is firm and though it's easy to slow Snaptrax down, it's nearly impossible to flip it over.

The civilian variant is the Snaptrap S22.

Technojaw T55Edit

Technojaw is very sturdy, and the only bot with a standard 4-wheel drive. It can stay together even if rammed several times, and the whole shell of the bot is extremely strong. It has a set of simple claws on the front that close open when the bot moves forward. They are very strong like the rest of the bot, and can rip off parts of other bots easily. The bot has an average speed, not quite as fast as snaptrax, but not as slow as Gigamesh.

The civilian variant is the Techjaw T27.


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