Penelope Mitchell
Prim the Innocent2
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Halfblood Wizard/Human (1/20th Tenno)
Physical Age 18
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Phoenix Imperium
Tools Magical Staff, Latron Prime, Lex Prime, Dual Kama Prime, Trinity Prime Warframe
Abilities Orbis Terrae Magic, Psionics
Vehicles Dauntless Mk I-class Star Battlecruiser IRV Take My Stand Against
Status Alive

Penelope 'Penny' Mitchell is the daughter and firstborn of Daniel Mitchell and Luna Mitchell née Lovegood, as well as the princess of the Phoenix Imperium. While she is younger than Anima Mitchell by at least 3 years (having been 7 when her parents found Anima, who was 10 at the time), she is the Emperor's and Empress' first daughter by birth, and is therefore considered their firstborn.

Penelope suffered from a disorder where she ages as a slower rate than most people: when she was around 18, she still looked only around 15. This disorder was rendered moot when she became ageless, although this had the side effect of her appearing 15 permanently, despite being, at least internally, fully-developed.

Throughout her childhood, Penelope has two best friends: Dihala, an Akuma that became an Ordo Dominus Inquisitor; and Chas Kota, a Corpus who eventually became a skilled Corpus Tech. She also has a pet Sunika Kubrow, named Fenrir, who occasionally accompanies her on missions, protected by Kavasa Prime Kubrow Armor.


Penelope is an individual who many people find it difficult to hate, due to her kind demeanor and sweet nature. Her kindness is part of why she actually takes to the battlefield, feeling that with the 'gifts' she possesses, she can make things safer for everyone. Despite her naive-sounding goal, she is actually quite mature and wise, aware of the futility of her goal, yet she still tries, taking every time she succeeds in saving someone as a victory worth celebrating.

One thing that annoys her greatly is making fun of her stature: many people tend to mistake her for a mid-ranged teenager, and she got annoyed correcting them of her age until she was rendered ageless through unknown means. Even then, it annoys her when she has to correct people in that she wasn't 'rendered ageless until [she] turned 18'.


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