XCOM2 ADVENT Captain&Troopers
A squad of Peacekeepers
Species statistics
Homeworld N/A (Artificial, originally made on Solus)
Species Status Active
Height 6'
Weight 200 lbs
Skin Color Pale Orange
Distinctions snake-like nose; large eyes
Equipment ADVENT Armor, Energy Shields
Types Various
  • Trooper
  • Officer
  • Stun Lancer
  • Shieldbearer
Affiliation Various
Notable Individuals
Other Names

The Peacekeepers are an artificial organic race, derived from the human genome mixed with DNA from various aliens (including, but not limited to, Sectoids), originally meant to make them easier to control by the original Ethereal Empire. As such, the Peacekeepers are excessively loyal to the Ethereal Hegemony and the Imperium as a whole.

Peacekeepers are largely bald with grey irises, small, almost snake-like noses, and heavily pushed-back ears. This, combined with the fact that they bleed a sickly yellow-green fluid similar in appearance to Sectoid blood was the basis for suggestion that ADVENT soldiers have universally been genetically modified by the aliens.

Typically, Peacekeepers are accompanied by ADVENT MECs or Sectopods, which typically provide heavy fire support for Peacekeepers.

The Peacekeepers are closely 'related' to the more powerful, but mindless Avatars.

ADVENT Control NetworkEdit

As discovered by Dr. Richard Tygan, early in the First Contact War (Second Ethereal War, to XCOM), the Ethereals' pawns created a psionic network shared among the Peacekeepers, or 'ADVENT Troopers' as they were known as, at the time. This allowed them an incredible capacity for logistics and communication. This network was linked to the XCOM Commander while they were captured and placed in a virtual reality by the aliens. Upon retrieval of the Commander, the network was badly damaged, which served to aid XCOM, and later the Phoenix Imperium, in the war against the Ethereal Empire.

When the Ethereals were defeated and their government replaced with the Ethereal Hegemony, the ADVENT Control Network was modified, giving the Peacekeepers greater independence, while also expanding the range of the network itself. While Peacekeepers are in the area of influence, or within close proximity to an Ethereal or other powerful psionic, they perform much more efficiently than outside of the area of influence.