Oversky Battle-Skiff
HMS Sword of Hope
the HMS Sword of Hope, a modified Oversky
Vehicle statistics
Starship Function Fast-Attack Destroyer
Crew Capacity 157
Power Systems Mist Generator
Engines Mist Resonator Thrusters
Weapons Magicite Cannons, Altai Class Auto-Cannons
Class Status many operational

The Oversky Battle-Skiff is the first Starship made ENTIRELY by the Dalmascans. The starship is almost the size of a UNSC Frigate and, although slower at faster-than-light travel, is faster (at sub-light speeds) and more maneuverable than its UNSC Counterpart. Its weapons cofiguration is like that of a Marine-Naval Ship. However, the unpredictability of its weapons magicite ammunition can allow fleets of these vessels to subdue, even destroy, Imperial Star Destroyers.


  • Magicite Cannons (x5)
  • Altair Class Auto-Cannons (x23)


  • Nethicite-based Shield Projector
  • Ivalician Metal Armor

Notable StarshipsEdit

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