B5 ShadowInHyperspace
The Ornias ambushing pirate ships from a nearby nebula
Vehicle statistics
Owner Adele Scavo
Starship Class (if Applicable) Separatist Battlecrab
Starship Type Heavy Attack Ship
Faction Shadow Separatists
Power/Weapon Systems
Special modifications
Status Operational

The Ornias is one of Adele Scavo's 2 personal craft, the other being the Abaddon. The Ornias is a Separatist Battlecrab that Adele uses on occasion, when necessary.

The first time that Coalition forces witnessed the Ornias in action was when a passenger transport with Redmond Fannon and Adele's sister, Velia Scavo, onboard was attacked by well-armed pirates. During this battle, the Ornias ambushed the pirates through use of a nebula, and operated alongside Azrael's craft, the Abyssion. The 2 Battlecrabs successfully eliminated the pirates and disappeared into hyperspace as the transport reached a Jump Gate.

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