On this page you will find the official chronologically correct canon Time Line of the Hellcat Squadran Series. Note this page may be edited at any given time, so it is advised to check in regularly.

Before the Formation of Earth Plane:Edit

  • 100 AFG (After Formation of Gallifrey) : David Herr travels the Gallifreyian Plane and murders the diety of Gallifrey.
  • 200 RoD (Reign of David): The Mirror Plane is discovered and a war between the Gallifreyians and the Mirror Beings erupt. It ends in the destruction of the Mirror Plane and David marrying Victoria.
  • 9000 RoD: High concentrations of the taint of the Mirror Plane has been detected in other Master Planes. The Gallifreyian Armies are mobilised to vanquish it.
  • 12.000 RoD: Lord Emperor David relinquishes the leading of the war to his sons and Whitebeard. The war begins to escalate, as fewer and fewer amounts of taints are use to justify invasions.
  • 15.000 RoD: Taint is supposedly detected on Maretha, before words has reached the Lord Emperor the conquest and eradication of the Marethari has begun.
  • 18.000 RoD: The plane of Maretha is on the verge of collapse, thousands of years of cruel and horrible warfare have destroyed nearly the entire plane and the dwindling Marethari forces are for the first time considering that they might truly all be exterminated.
  • 18.300 RoD: The plane of Maretha has fallen yet there is something even more horrible lurking in the shadows for Gallifrey.


Ancient TimesEdit

  • 2 billion BC: A mysterious force attacks the homeplane of the Lagas race.
  • 1 billion BC:
  • 200 million BC: The Sobv'h evolve into a space capable race. By now, the First Ones (including the Shadows and Vorlons) have already been space-faring, and the Aesdherians were also just entering space.
  • 75 million BC: Alterans enter space.
  • 50 million BC: The Sobv'h begin augmenting their bodies with cybernetics.
  • 5 million BC: Saurokarin is born
  • 2 million BC: Evenilisia is born.
    • The Enhanced Reapers appear, beginning a war that'd last for almost a million years.
    • The Ancient Races begin leaving the universe, soon leaving only the Sobv'h left to face the Enhanced Reapers.
  • 1 million BC: Evenilisia formulates her "Plan" to defeat the Enhanced Reapers, and she enters stasis on a sleeper ship set on autopilot, while the rest of the Milky Way's Sobv'h population loads up on ships and flees the galaxy, the Enhanced Reapers in hot pursuit.

20th CenturyEdit

  • 1990: Tartarus leads a force through time and kills Leinad Llehctim's parents
  • 1999: Time Lapse Incident Begins

21st CenturyEdit

Treklan War EraEdit

Shadow War EraEdit

Resurrectal War EraEdit

  • 2016: Tartorus returns fused with Gor'Kek, as Surotrat, starting the Resurrectal War
  • 2018: Surotrat morally wounds May, sending IceBite into a fury, where he slaughters Surotrat. This marked the end of the Resurrectal War. (May's healed, BTW)

Consortium War EraEdit

  • 2018: The Dissidia Conflict Occurs
  • 2019: May is kidnapped by the Zann Consortium, but subsequently rescued by a Hellcat Squadran Force, consisting of Lightning (who joined HS and the Phantom Legion following the Dissidia Conflict), Jerdak, HK-47, and Ryan Ferran's Phantom Legion Forces
  • 2020: Consortium War Begins with the Battle of Pulse
  • 2025: Ryan Ferran is mortally wounded during the Battle of Reach. Also marks the first deployment of the Steel Knights, in addition to the Coalition's first major victory in the war
    • ANS-1-2 is transferred into a Human Replica Droid, where she fully adopts her nickname "Holly" as her "true" name.
  • 2027: The Darkspore Battles occur, followed by the Final Battle at Earth, which marked the end of the Consortium War

Post-Consortium War EraEdit

  • 2027: Ryan Ferran leads a small force to the Galactic Empire's capital world of Byss in an attempt to assassinate its leader, Emperor Palpatine. They fail, but do rescue Fang and Vanille from Pulse.

(Insert Here)

  • 2046: Holly participates in Coalition's "Operation: Shockwave", prematurely ending the Metar Threat. However, a Supernova's EMP almost destroys her, until Draconus Rex uses his Paladin Magic to turn her Human Replica Droid body into a real human body.
  • 2050: Samir Ferran gets stranded on a Flood infested planet. He escapes with the help of Elizabeth Faith, a Freelancer that he eventually marries.

Locust/Lambent War EraEdit

  • (Unknown, around 2049 or so): Zeta Wing, the Phantom Legion, and the COG attack the Locusts in Russia, eliminating them as a threat (and, Holly eliminates them as a race)

Peace-Time Era (1)Edit

  • 2066: Coalition Talent Show occurs; Holly Lund wins first place

Incident at Nirn EraEdit

  • 2079: Holly taken by Rift Storm to the universe containing the world Nirn; helps end a conflict there before returning
  • 2080: Nirn enters the Hellcat Squadran Universe. The Septim Empire joins the Coalition, while the Mythic Dawn Cult, the Dark Brotherhood, and Alduin's Dragon Cult join the Shadow Alliance.
    • (To be written)

Between-War Conflicts Era (1)Edit

  • 2085: The Battle of Cirulus Negla occurs, resulting in the surrender of Nod Warlock Aria Shadewood, who was revealed to have been under mind control for almost a century.
  • 2099: Hellcat Squadran fights battles in the bombed-out ruins of Las Vegas. They're aided by a fierce anti-Nod Mercenary named Alban Pahlke.

22nd CenturyEdit

Visarius IncidentEdit

  • 2101: Alban Pahlke joins Hellcat Squadran under the promise they rescue his sister, who'd been held as a slave by nod for several years, from Nod. Hellcat Squadran fulfills their end of the bargain months later.
    • The Illithid Sith Visarius mind-controls most of the galaxy's population of Sith, but is foiled when he took control of Sen Urec, and Holly Lund was able to break Visarius's hold on Sen.
    • Hellcat Squadran: Duel of the Fates

Decepticon ConflictsEdit

  • 2150: The Autobots appear, aiding Hellcat Squadran in their failing defense of San Francisco from Nod. They later return there to engage the Decepticons.
  • 2152: New kinds of Transformers appear, first as Decepticons destroying a Guardians of Justice Base, then as Autobots, appearing in the Trebulia Cluster. These 2 groups later fight at their Cybertron, where Megatron-1, modified by Holly, defects from the Decepticons.
  • 2154: Aria Shadewood, who survived the attack on the Guardians of Justice Base 2 year earlier (but only barely) was discovered to subconsciously hold Nod Intel in her head. Shadow Alliance forces desperately tried to eliminate her before this intel could be released, but their attempts were foiled by the Autobots, as well as Megatron-1, who eventually joined Hellcat Squadran, under Holly's wing.
  • 2156: Alban Pahlke and Aria Shadewood get stranded on a world where the laws of physics work differently. They're eventually rescued, but tell strange stories about what was on it. Subsequent investigations, however, vindicate their stories as more than mere crazed fantasies.

First Contact WarEdit

  • 2157: The largest Rift Storm in recorded history occurs, bringing the Epsilon Gratino galaxy to the Hellcat Squadran universe. Soon after, the Coalition and Shadow Alliance enter war with it's inhabitants, the Intergalactic Republic.
  • 2158: The First Contact War ends with the Shadow Alliance devastated and the Coalition in shambles. However, the Intergalactic Republic helps rebuild their infrastructure, while maintaining a military presence for the next decade.

Peace-Time Era (2)Edit

  • 2160: The Nosdrugises return and eliminate most of the former Zeta Members (except for Holly). Elle Urec, Holly and Sen Urec's daughter, is born soon after Sen's death.
  • 2171: Natalia Llehctim leaves for a "journey of discovery", for her to find her place in the universe

End-of-Century ConflictsEdit

  • 2190: Tartorus's final death at the hands of IceBite occurs. This time, IceBite destroys both Tartorus's body and shadowy essence, thereby forever eliminating Tartorus as a threat from the universe.
  • 2191: Elle Urec and Sean Renner begin starting to become a known couple around Kaven Base. They're also targeted by Nes Ceru, who tries to kill them on Mustafar, only for them to be rescued.
  • 2195: The Dark Marshal appears and brings a wave of terror with him. This is the first contact with the Mirror Verse.
  • 2198: The Dark Marshal has been destroyed by Natalia and the Mirror conflict has been ended, for the moment.

23rd CenturyEdit

Tether War EraEdit

  • 2215: The discovery of the 5 Historical Tethers resulted in the Coalition and the newly re-named Alliance of Unrelenting Darkness attempting to obtain them. Eventually, due to the intervention of Meta Knight, a mysterious warrior from another universe, the Coalition rescues all 5 of them. Furthermore, the aid of the other-universe assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze allows them to preserve the lives of the Historical Tether until the timeline was stabilized.
  • 2216: The Battle of the Haxion Nebula occurs, revealing the Shadows as having joined the Alliance of Unrelenting Darkness, while the Vorlons and the Army of Light joins the Coalition.
  • 2218: Natalia truly visits home for the first time since she left on her journey. She also becomes the first (and, at the time, only) person to fight Nes Ceru one-on-one and win.

Between-War Conflicts Era (2)Edit

  • 2237: Members of a faction called the Mustafar Alliance appear in the universe, and merge with Hellcat Squadran, after being rescued by a Phantom Legion Fleet.

(Insert Here) EraEdit

  • (Zack, insert event summary here)

Mirror Verse War EraEdit

  • 2251: The Mirror Verse War starts with Anthony going seemingly insane and later actually joining the Mirror Verse Beings to wrest control over the galaxy. HS leader IceBite is killed in action.
  • 2261: Anthony's rule comes to an end with a horrible revelation for himself. The Mirror Verse War ends with huge casualties on both sides, the Mirror Verse Beings being nearly wiped out. Furthermore, IceBite was revived (abate aged slightly)

New Archadian Conflict EraEdit

  • 2269: Anastasia Renner is discovered by her family, and later the galaxy, to be Judge Althaea, a mysterious saboteur that'd been damaging New Archadian Empire infrastructure for the past couple years.
  • 2270: The Meta joins Hellcat Squadran (finally) after an encounter with Galiana Matveev repaired the damage done to him by Sigma. Trista Bennett, a Flood Loyalist infiltrator, also had her condition somewhat reversed, this time by Corpos, with Agent Maine's help. Furthermore, Anastasia Renner and her sister Sasha both took down a major Archadian industrial head, damaging Archadian infrastructure for decades.
  • 2271: A group of Hellcat Squadran agents go to investigate a border planet, but the team is separated. While on the planet, the team discovers Sean Renner is alive, as well as losing two agents. The group returns with mercs Ziva Harper and Maya Arslan, as well as a friend of Sean's. Upon their return, Sean reveals the murder of agent Jake Birkin by Zack Sigurdson, and IceBite has Sean and his friend attempt to assassinate Zack, which goes awry, but Zack is killed by separated Squadran members Ian Bauer and Norman Renner. Afterwards, Leandra, Zack's wife, leaves the Squadran to live on Mandalore in peace, and their daughter Kira Sigurdson stays with the Squadran while their other daughter, Claudia Donovan-Sigurdson vanishes, swearing revenge.
  • 2272: Ryan Ferran and the majority of the Ferran Clan retire from service, leaving the Coalition to live in solitude on Mandalore.
    • Caden Ferran is mind controlled and taken by Darth Draken, a Sith bent on galactic control. He is eventually rescued by his sister, father, and uncle. He is then presumed dead when he is not seen leaving Draken's facility as it is engulfed in magma and explosions.
    • A group of Hellcat Squadran agents go to investigate a border planet, but the team is separated. While on the planet, the team discovers Sen Urec is alive despite being a simple decapitated head, as well as freeing Darth Nymeria.
    • Hellcat Squadran: Dark Knight
  • 2273: Anastasia Renner is kidnapped soon after aiding the sister of Vint Acadal with a major medical issue she had. Vint and Sasha, as well as a few others, organized an operation to rescue her. While the rescue was successful, IceBite reluctantly deemed it prudent to send Anastasia into protective exile, under the protection of the Freelancers, and the Red and Blue teams.
  • 2274: Sasha Urec leaves the Squadran to live with her Meth cook boyfriend Aaron Stone. They soon discover she is pregnant.
  • 2275: The Vardan siblings, children of 2 formerly-prominent (now deceased) Nod Officials, defect to the Coalition, following the Black Hand's abduction and experimentation of the younger of the siblings, Siran Vardan.
  • 2277: Anastasia returns from her exile, after the Alliance of Unrelenting Darkness became simply too scared of her to chase her down further.
  • 2278: Skylar Llehctim is born to Leinad Llehctim and May Vera-Llehctim
  • 2280: Anastasia Renner's split personalities are fused, repairing her mental damage. She's also ascended to the rank of full Judge Magister, as well as gets married to Vint Acadal.

Mirror Conflict Conclusion EraEdit

  • 2282: The true masterminds behind the Mirror Verse War, emerge and threaten to plunge the galaxy into chaos once more
  • 2283: After only a single year the last Mirror beings are destroyed by Anthony, who seemingly gives his own life in the process.

Mid-Conflict EraEdit

24th CenturyEdit

Mid-Conflict Era (continued)Edit

  • 2300: Tensions between the Llehctim siblings reach their boiling point. However, revelations made in a duel between the 2 shake them to where the duel ends in a tie. Afterwards, things settle down between them.
    • Siran Vardan marries Lyle Kendrick, while Trista Bennett marries Avedis Vardan
    • Natalia finally realizes her purpose, as she accepts her destiny as Eternity's Sentinel, becoming one of The Guardians.
  • 2303: The Vampire Ainslie Verity rescues Siran Vardan-Kendrick from a would-be rapist, and a few days later, Siran returns the favor by rescuing Ainslie from her more powerful ex-boyfriend.
    • Anya Matveev, the sister of one of Galiana Matveev's composite beings, is discovered by the New Republic in the Haxion Nebula. Galiana manages to rescue the fleet from a Shadows attack force.
    • The Tal'Shiar raid a Black Cell slave transport, and transports one of the slaves, Paige Triggs, to Kaven Base, where she's put under the care of another ex-slave, Niserie.
    • Leah Acadal (now an apprentice is the Assassins Order) and Vergil Hamilton discover that Rigel Crosser, supposed boyfriend of Leah's friend Velia Scavo, was in fact a Templar Exiles spy, who'd been abusing her, and threatening her family, trying to find out what she knew on Leah's connection to the Assassins Order (which Velia didn't even know about). Rigel ended up dead, and most of Velia's family was killed in response. Velia was taken in by a childhood friend, Redmond Fannon, who was training as a Hellcat Squadran ODST at the time. Leah and Vergil finally discover, and acknowledge, their feelings for each other.
    • Holly finally gets the chance to say goodbye to Sen, and, afterwards, decides to take a month of vacation time off, to collect her thoughts. During this time, she rescues the girl Eve, who was discovered by Nod on an ancient Sleeper Ship of Sobv'h origin. At the time, Eve's own origin was unknown.
    • Hellcat Squadran: Fight the Knight
    • Hellcat Squadran: Gave it All Away
    • Hellcat Squadran: Move Along
  • 2308
    • During an expedition to an unknown ancient facility, Eve finally discovers her true nature, as a Sobv'h, and uses the equipment on the facility, which was in fact a Sobv'h research facility, to fight off Nod forces on the station. She also makes contact with a memory fragment left for her by her father, Minister Saurokarin.
    • Holly gathers a strike force to chase down Herobrine in the Antares system. The group makes allies with the Antaran Sheriff Juniper Cross, and recruits the Antarans Asuna and Kirito to Hellcat Squadran.
    • Hellcat Squadran: See What I've Become
    • Hellcat Squadran: The Battle for Antares

Gallifreyian EraEdit

  • 2319: Follow the events of 2315 Konstantin now accepts that he will have to attempt to tame the Hollow and seeks help from the same group as last time.

Skulblaka EraEdit

Mind's Eye Era - Part 1Edit

  • 2325: Hellcat Squadran is contacted by a member of The Guardians, Kios, who was enlisting aid in the rescue of his servant, Vinh.

Return EraEdit

  • 2328: During his exile, Leinad Llehctim encounters the world of Remnant, befriending some warriors-in-training from the world.
  • 2329: The Coalition has first contact with the Mythilin, a race of noncorporeal beings that ancient Earth's greatest civilizations worshipped as gods. After defeating one of their own, Apophis, the Mythilin retreated to Proterra, a version of Earth set in ancient times, keeping to themselves.
  • 2330: The Alliance of Guilds discovers a damaged Pelta-class Frigate, geared as a cryo-stasis ship, in deep space. They discovered the frigate to have been infested with strange, jagged formations of Lacrima, which made their ways into the air filtration systems and cryo-fluid storage tanks. Later, they discovered a young Jedi Padawan, named Lilsha Nilprie, in one of the cryo-stasis tubes. Due to her exposure to the Lacrima via her cryo tube's contaminated cryo fluid, Lilsha gained access to the magic abilities used by Earth Land, in addition to her connection to the Force. Due to this, after some debate, it was decided that, once she completed training in the Shadow of the Republic (since Lilsha was a Clone Wars-era Jedi Padawan), she would be given the option to join the Alliance of Guilds, to hone her magic abilities.

Mind's Eye Era - Part 2Edit

  • 2335: Hellcat Squadran is again contacted by Kios, concerning Vinh. This time, however, it is mainly due to his needing their assistance in recovering Memory Fragments, shards of Vinh's old mind, in the hopes that Kios can rebuild Vinh's obliterated mind. These fragments were scattered around where she had been in her life prior to the incident that left her in her mindless state. The team eventually succeeds in finding the 5 memory fragments that survived.
  • 2336: The Second Shivan Incursion ends, at the evacuation of Capella.
    • S.H.I.E.L.D. allies with the Coalition, with Vinh Naveen joining S.H.I.E.L.D. and becoming their liaison with the Coalition and its allies.

Betrayal EraEdit

  • 2338: A few members of Earth Plane are contacted by Aizen and begin to trust him. His goals so save a certain someone or rather bring a certain someone back are a strongly contributing factor to that.
  • Hellcat Squadran: Return from Hell

Mythilin EraEdit

  • 2340: Lilsha Nilprie finishes her training, and joins Fairy Tail.
  • 2344: The Mythilin world Proterra is attacked by the Brotherhood of Nod, and the Temple of Delphi was damaged. The Oracle of Delphi, Zena Lois, was scarred, and deemed unworthy to continue as Oracle. With Mythilin help, the Coalition prevented Zena from becoming victim of Delphi's unethical "ex-oracle disposal" practices, by convincing them to let Hellcat Squadran take her with them. Zena would later display powerful, latent Clairsentient abilities, showing she actually had the capability to see the future. She would, over time, train these abilities.
  • 2345: Sylas Llehctim begins an organization called the Black Knights, which quickly grows into a powerful Mercenary Organization.
  • 2347: Death Knight of Hades Thanatos Ippot was dispatched by Hades to protect former Oracle Zena Lois from (Insert Here), a villain with intentions to capture Zena for her future-sight abilities.
    • Ariana Llehctim is kidnapped by Cerberus, who turned Ariana into a Biotically-powered enforcer. A group, consisting of Ariana's sister, as well as (Insert Ariana's friends here), in addition to (Insert IgR support here), were sent to rescue her. She's successfully cleansed of Cerberus programming, but walks away from the incident able to use Biotics. Sylas also unveils his powerful flagship, the Bellicose, which wipes out the Cerberus fleet pursuing the group after they rescue Ariana.
  • 2348: Zena is kidnapped by (Insert Here), but is subsequently rescued by a team consisting of (Insert Individuals Here), and Thanatos Ippot, Thanatos raising an undead army to demolish (Insert Here)'s army and Thanatos himself slays (Insert Here).

Reaper Assault EraEdit

  • 2349: Zena Lois has a vision, depicting a horrific war. Unfortunately, her inexperience with modern terms causes her to be unable to adequately communicate her vision, and the enemy being faced in it, so the Coalition is forced to remain on-guard for an unknown threat they do not know the strength of.
  • 2350: The Enhanced Reapers begin their assault on the galaxy, destroying many border colonies for every faction
  • 2351: Sylas Llehctim forms the Freelancers Concorde, an alliance between the Black Knights, the mercenaries of Omega, the Smugglers Alliance, and the Orion Consortium (a rival of the Orion Syndicate).
    • The Battle of Hoth occurs, and Eira Llehctim, a daughter of Leinad and May that had long been thought gone when she disappeared 16 years prior, is found alive. Legion, the Geth hero who sacrificed himself to imbue the Geth with advanced intelligence, is also found alive on Hoth.
  • 2352: The Battle of Igninsigne occurs, and is a major victory for the Coalition and its allies.
  • 2353: In response to a string of victories made by the Coalition, the Enhanced Reapers destroy the star of the Romulus System, wiping out Romulus and Remus, and forcing the Romulan Star Empire to implode.
  • 2355: Praetor Dregar, who'd long thought been dead since the destruction of Romulus, is found alive and rallies the Romulan and Reman peoples, resulting in the most successful and longest counterattack in the war. Mordin Solus, the Salarian who sacrificed himself to cure the Genophage, is also discovered to be alive, having been rescued by a Rift Storm last second.
  • 2357: The Sobv'h Black Fleet appears at the Battle of Threshold, revealing the race's continued existence in mass numbers. Saurokarin soon brings to attention Evenilisia's "Plan", a long-time plan that had been formulated to end the Enhanced Reapers. However, as this plan is dependent on Evenilisia's knowledge, efforts begin to bring Evenilisia's memories back in Eve.
  • 2359: At the Battle of the Atheneum, Evenilisia's memories are restored, and she describes the plan in detail. After some initial resistance, steps to enact the plan are made.
    • The Battle of Earth occurs, and Evenilisia's plan is enacted. Due to the timely intervention of Kane's Alliance of Unrelenting Darkness, the Coalition and its allies are able to hold off the Enhanced Reapers long enough for Evenilisia and her team to infiltrate the Command Reaper and take control. The operation was a success, and the Enhanced Reapers came under Sobv'h control, ending a war that has technically been going on for over 2 million years.

(Insert Here 2) EraEdit

Imperium EraEdit

  • 2369: (Odst grievous, you need to put something up for Resurgence here...)
    • One of the ships escaping one of the attacked Alienages accidentally traverses the Galaxia Relay to the Sigma Draconis Galaxy. The ship crashed into a moon on the other side, and the only survivor, Hybrid Malana Teneil, who was afflicted with amnesia after everything that happened, was adopted by the Imperial Royal Family of the Phoenix Imperium.
  • 2375: Official First Contact between the Milky Way and the Phoenix Imperium is established

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