Nyhlus Kerchik
Nyhlus Kerchik
Vital statistics
Callsign Shepard
Gender Male
Race Unknown
Physical Age 32
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Tools Verpine Sniper Rifle
Abilities None
Status Alive

Nyhlus was one of the bodyguards for the Imperi-Verse version of Ryan Ferran until his defection in 2033 to Prime Universe Hellcat Squadran.



It is unknown where Nyhlus was born or even what species he is. Many beleive he was brought to the Imperi-Verse via Rift Storm. Nevertheless, he joined the Imperi-Verse Hellcat Squadran in 2016. He served them for 11 years until the Phantom Legion deserted. He went with them and was assigned as Ryan's personal bodyguard.


Ryan Ferran: Ryan and Nyhlus share a professional bond. Although they rarely stray from professional topics, they do occasinally discuss recreational activities, such as hunting.

IceBite: Although he bears no ill will towards him, he does find it wierd to work with someone he had tried to kill on multiple occasions. As time passed, though, he began to get along well with him.


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