Nuzema D'Moj
Nuzema New
Vital statistics
Gender female
Race Orion
Physical Age
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Klingon Empire
Tools Tetryon Split-Beam Rifle
Abilities Orion Female pheromones
Status Alive

Nuzema was an Orion slave on the slaver ship Darkmetal Scimitar, until Kr'akkus, onboard the Bird of Prey IKS Valfarre raided the ship and liberated her. She'd since become one of his Bridge Crew, eventually becoming his Second in Command when several of his companions were transferred off the ship. Also, during this time, she and Kr'akkus grew close, Kr'akkus feeling attracted to her, and Nuzema growing to care for her 'rescuer' and becoming attracted (genuinely) to him too.

Like how Kr'akkus grew to become friends with Ariana Llehctim, Nuzema became friends with Skylar Llehctim, Ariana's younger sister. Nuzema also has both a sister, and a half-sister: her sister is Glithsa D'Moj, who serves as an engineer on the UFP Maelstrom class Patrol Escort Refit USS Astraea, and her half-sister is Sirena Femmor, who is now a captain of a KDF Hegh'ta class Heavy Bird of Prey.


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