Normandy Mk I-class Stealth Frigate
SR-1 Normandy
Vehicle statistics
Starship Function Stealth Frigate
Length 96 meters
Width 39 meters
Height 21 meters
Crew Capacity 53
Power Systems Tantalus Drive Core
Engines Antiproton Thrusters
Weapons Various
  • Spinal Mass Accelerator Cannon (1)
  • Javelin Disruptor Torpedo Launchers (2)
  • GARDIAN Point Defense Lasers
Class Status Active

The class of the original SSV Normandy SR-1, the Normandy Mk I is a starship still used in the Citadel Federation, due to its excellent track record, although, due to its inferiority to the Mk II in most matters, the Mk I was eventually given to the Coalition Civilian Market, as an expensive civilian stealth design. As such, the Mk I is a popular choice among Coalition-allied Mercenaries and civilians who want to travel while avoiding prying eyes.

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