Nola Maenn
Nola Maenn
Nola in her Necromancer Garb
Vital statistics
Title Arch-Mage
Callsign None
Gender female
Race human
Physical Age 19
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Mage's Guild
Tools Magic, Necromancy, Katana, 'Apotheosis' Staff
Abilities Magic
Vehicles None
Status Alive

Nola Maenn was a Necromancer that lived hidden in an abandoned Chapel somewhere in between Kvatch and Skingrad on Nirn. She was attacked by a Vampire member of the Dark Brotherhood named Scar'ir. The Argonian tried to feed off of her, but was thwarted by the dimensionally-displaced Holly, as well as the Man-At-Arms Kron and the Frost Atronach Frost. She was extremely thankful to Holly and joined her on her quest to return home, replacing her Necromancer Rodes with enchanted Black Robes. After Holly returned home, the inspiration Holly had given Nola caused her to, in an attempt to not use Necromancy anymore, join the Mage's Guild. During the year Holly was gone, Nola, despite her compulsive use of Necromancy, rose to a high rank in the Mage's Guild, ultimately replacing the late-Arch-Mage Traven, after Nola defeated the Necromancers' 'King of Worms', Mannimarco. When Holly finally returned, Nola Maenn was in charge of the Mage's Guild and mustered their strength to help defend the Imperial City.

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