Vital statistics
Star, Position Ronal
Moon(s) 7
Satellite(s) Thousands
Gravity 1.5 G
Atmosphere N/A
Population 4 Billion
Species Reapers
Technology Tier Tier 1

Niflheim is a world inhabited by the Reapers, ancient sentient starships from the universe of the so-called "Citadel Races", races that appear to have come from a parallel universe of the Intergalactic Republic's Citadel Alliance's home universe.

These Reapers, unlike those from the records of the Citadel Alliance, are non-hostile, if a little reclusive. However, they heavily fortified the world, and will not hesitate to threaten potential trespassers with destruction if they don't alter course.

Reaper Fleet

Reapers defending Niflheim from invaders

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