The city was initially a crater at the time when GDI discovered the Sentinel husk in the area. They hurried to send the best and brightest mind at the time to reseach the area's technology. Nod wasn't far away and kidnapped several scientists however Tory Lund was left over and was the sole surviving member of Hellcat Squadrons science team who activated a sentinel the robot was badly damaged to the state its AI was nothing more then a puppy but it did kill several Shadows, defending Lund. It was the machine's laser that inspired the Trident system. During the Treklan war Sanders fought to keep the scientists safe as a marine and as a pilot. The city was eventually rebuilt and became a rest stop to soldiers and scientists after the technology was gathered the city turned to tourism as a new cash revenue. The city is also a small outpost for Hellcat squadron's naval forces. Sentinels can be seen all over the city streets with local fauna why they act like this has not been made clear by the Monitors.

Post-Treklan WarEdit

Just months after the Treklan War, Hellcat Squadran made a startling discovery: the 7 Halo Monitors, including the re-built 343 Guilty Spark (who John-117 and Avery hold a grudge over). The 7 monitors are:


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