Vital statistics
Title "Daughter of the Kyr'tsad"
Gender female
Race Human/Glatorian Hybrid
Physical Age 18
Alignment {{{allign}}}
Faction Death Watch
Tools Flame Claws, Twin GSI-21D Disruptor Blaster Pistols
Abilities Fire Manipulation
Vehicles Unknown
Status Alive

"Sister? Did that hurt, I can help you make the pain all so much worse"


Ne'traaraay is the rival of Dhaka'ra as well as Dhaka'ras disowned sister. She was also the one who secretly sold Dhaka'ra to the empire for experimentation and she is also a member of the Death Watch and she has the Genetic Material of Malum in her body.


Ne'traaraay is Described as one who is constantly sadistic beyond nature to the point she actually has tortured enemies in a variety of ways mentally, physically, and psychologically before killing them. She is known for being very sexually perverted such as the point she actually uses her own beauty to seduce an enemy untill their guard is down and then she will unleash a barrage of attacks on them and it is also rumored that she kisses them on the forehead after they die. She has an extreme hatred for Jerdak and Dhaka'ra, mostly due to the fact Dhaka'ra was viewed as the 'perfect daughter' and the fact Jerdak is part Miraluka which is part of the rarely seen genocidal part of her personality. Ne'traaraay has learned to kill nearly anything without remorse including machines, women, even children, she has a large dislike for children because she believes they are weak and that weakness must purged from the galaxies. The only individual she gives affection to is her lover Darth Mehtohn, to the point when she first met him she brought him back to his home to lick his wounds and let out his rage all while she was watching.


Ne'traaraay has a very similar yet older appearence to Dhaka'ra only her hair is red, her armor is red and orange, while her eyes are deep blood red. Her face also has some barely noticable scorch marks on her cheeks and neck thus giving her the appearence that she has learned to manipulate fire.

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