NYRA (Neurological Young death Reanimation Attempt) is a former experiment of the shadow alliance to reanimate the body of a young spartan 111. She escaped and joined Hellcat Squadran, was assigned to task Force Omikron, which has the only people she gets along with.

Unknown. Goes by NYRA, the name used as her Shadow Alliance experiment file.
Alternate appearance-01-p
NYRA in both combat and casual attire.
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Physical Age 25
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran - Task Force Omikron
Tools M93, combat knife, COG sawed off shotgun.
Abilities extreme brainpower.
Vehicles Warthog
Status Alive


NYRA is the result of an experiment used by the SHadow Alliance to reanimate a deceased spartan 111. They used a mixture of DNA from Selen Leanason to recreate her mind, but the result was too extreme, and she was confined to a tank for fifteen years. She escaped, killed 700 Shadow Alliance Troops, and left. She joined Hellcat Squadran and was assigned to Task Force Omikron, as she couldn't work anywhere else.


NYRA hates everyone aside from members of Omikron. Many understand that, as it is a result of the experimentation. In battle, she is ruthless and cunning, using every bit of her mind to her advantage. She has access to 30 percent of her brain, which gives her immense advantage in battle.


  • Task Force Omikron - Members are the only people she gets along with.
  • Everyone else. - She hates everybody else.

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