NTF Iceni
Vehicle statistics
Owner NTF
Starship Class (if Applicable) NTF Iceni
Starship Type Command Frigate
Faction NTF
Power/Weapon Systems Various
  • Terran Turret (9)
  • Terran Huge Turret (7)
  • Standard Flak cannons(2)
  • MX-52 (2)
  • GTM-10 Piranha (2)
  • BGreen Beams (3)
Special modifications
Status Active

The NTF Iceni was a Terran-designed frigate, and the only known ship of its class. From the day it was completed at the Freedom Shipyards in Polaris, the Iceni served as the command frigate of the Neo-Terran Front. Although the size of the Iceni was akin to that of a corvette, its anti-warship armaments and hull rating were much closer to destroyer-class. In addition, the Iceni was the fastest Terran warship ever constructed at the time of its constuction.


The Iceni was built under Admiral Bosch's direction at the Freedom Shipyards in Polaris and captured by the Neo-Terran Front at the start of their rebellion. The command frigate was disguised as an asteroid in the Deneb system from that point until a wing of fighters from the GTVA's 53rd Hammerheads detected its EM signature while clearing out a supply depot nearby. Their discovery prompted the Iceni to blow its cover and begin a game of hide-and-seek with the GTVA.

The Iceni led a series of raids against Coalition, Army of Light, Citadel Federation, and GTVA holdings during the Second Shivan Incursion.


The Iceni is the NTF command frigate, built under Admiral Bosch's direction at the Freedom shipyards in Polaris, captured by the Neo-Terran Front at the start of their rebellion. With over two dozen turrets and a sheath of ultra-dense depleted uranium shielding around its subsystems, the Iceni is an extremely tough nut to crack. With Bosch on board, providing tactical guidance, the Iceni is the equal of any GTVA battle group. Intelligence believes the ship was custom-designed for a secret NTF project.


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