Myka Lattimer
Myka in Law's service
Vital statistics
Title None
Callsign None
Gender Female
Race Shandia
Physical Age 25
Alignment Neutral
Faction Law's
Tools None
Abilities Unknown
Vehicles None
Status Alive

Myka Lattimer was a Shandia, who was captured during the Great Purge and sold into slavery. She was bought by Trafalgar Law in the Human Auction house, owned by DeFlamingo. As she was broken in the Auction House already, Law had no trouble at all getting her to do what he wanted. What exactly she was to him remains a mystery, a cortisan, a lover, an agent, an assistant? No one knows.


Myka is described as beatiful and seductive, she is known to have changed her hair colours a few times already. She stands at roughly 1.75 meters tall, making her a bit smaller than usual Shandia, which also increased her prize as a slave, due to the fact that such things are rare. It is unknown what exactly became of her wings, but they are no longer there...wether she was born without them, or they were surgically removed. This also increased her prize as it was the most uncommon thing for a Shandia. In the end Law paid as much, as one would usually for a full solar system.


Myka's original personality has probably been long since lost, only traces remaining after she was broken. She is now an addict to physical and psychological pleasures, such as intercourse and drugs. But in difference to Olivia she does not sleep around, while she has had expierences with other girls, she still is loyal to Law, prefering him over anyone else. This also makes her a perfect agent, lacking psychological weaknesses and making her hard to profile. But sometimes, there are a few moments, in which she is her old self again. Someone who is saddened over what happened to them. Then she can be found crying profoundly in her rooms, even attempting suicide, which has been stopped by Law at each turn. Her exact feelings for him are unknown, while at times she claims to be madly in love with him, at other times when questioned she will retort she hates him more than anything and would loving more than to kill him immediately.


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