Musspellheim-class Atmospheric Assault Ship
Musspellheim Spore
The HCS Musspellheim, a Musspellheim Class Prototype
Vehicle statistics
Starship Function Atmospheric Attack Ship
Crew Capacity 243
Power Systems Fusion Power Drive
Engines Repulsors, Covenant Slipspace Drive
Weapons Pulse Lasers, Suva AP-HE Bombs
Class Status Active

The Musspellheim is an advanced Prototype Starship by Hellcat Squadran that is capable of unhindered atmospheric flight. GDI keeps requesting a small force of them, however, IceBite adamantly stands to his terms on the deal: "Return those Mammoths you took back and we have a deal." The 2 groups are still feuding over the deal. What irks GDI even more is that Hellcat Squadran gave one to the UNSC, Covenant Separatists, and even their Flood allies.

Notable ShipsEdit

  • HCS Musspellheim
  • HCS Quelron
  • HCS Archeopteryx
  • HCS Quetzalcoatl
  • UNSC Niflheim
  • CSS Low Strider
  • Infectious
  • HMS Tiamat
  • HMS Elder Wyrm
  • HMS Yiazmat (Heavily Modified)
  • HMS Fafnir

HCS Archeopteryx, utilizing the Musspellheim's final design, in action