Played by:

Micheal Herring
Micheal in his early days with a Prototype armour.
Vital statistics
Title The First soldier
Callsign n/a
Gender Male
Race Mutant
Physical Age 28
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Thinking about joining Hellcat Squadran
Tools UNSC ODST Armour, Some Plasma Grenades, a Plasma Rifle & an old blaster.
Abilities ESP, Psychic Abilities, Slowed ageing, increased stamina. Developing new powers.
Vehicles Currently N/A
Status On the run.

Micheal HerringEdit

Micheal Herring an alternate version of Cyrus Days ((A non- Hellcat Squadran Character, who will most likely never be part of the Hellcat Squadran Universe.)) who was born in the Final Fantasy Universe, before travelling to the Halo Universe to be a soldier. Being an alternate version of Cyrus, he also has ((limited)) ESP & Psychic powers. His Halo Universe counterpart is currently MIA


Early DaysEdit

Micheal's early life was spent on Pulse where he was raised as a happy child. His Early signs of ESP was mainly evident in his pitch black eyes. Most other kids avoided him, but he did find friendship in the young girl, Thalia Pacson , & a young street kid, Tony Illumic . Together they formed, "The Three Dragons" as their parent's called them. Micheal managed to avoid getting picked on Via the ruse that he could make peoples hearts stop beating with his mind. At the end of Highschool, Micheal & Thalia were dating & Tony was also dating a girl who lived near him, when Thalia told Micheal of a special flight her dad was taking her on that would take them to another dimension, & if he wanted to come. Micheal came, but as he went to use the toilet, the ship ripped in half & they were split up by the dimensional rift.

The First SoldierEdit

Micheal became an Alcoholic after crashing in the Halo universe. After being for trying to assault a young girl, he was given the choice of being jailed for 10 years or joining the military. He joined the Military. After proving his fighting prowess, he became a lab rat for new military equipment in the field. After many succesful runs, he became a spartan soldier. He quickly became the target of the assassin Eternity, and the to had many encounters, even aiding each other on more than one occasion.

Golden HeroEdit

Michael eventually quit the spartan program, and gained the government funding for his own small military force, known as the black eagles. They were a small task force that dipped it's finger in both military enforcements, as well as local protection. During one particular case, where they were tracking an increasingly violent rapist, he found Thalia as one of the victims. After rehabilitation, Michael swore revenge on his girlfriend's rapist, who he later murdered. His act was seen as self defense, and so he was not charged, although a few members of the black eagles left. He reunited with Thalia, and they married a month later. All events afterward are unknown.

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