Memory Wips are an ability which only Task Force Psi possesses and doesn't spread it. The ability wips every memory or thought about the Task Force out of peoples' minds, and it is impossible to restore the lost memories/thoughts. But sadly this ability also causes a great deal of neural damage, the subjects often lose the capability to complete even the easiest tasks without help, for a certain time. While others mix up time. But the worst effected group are the other psykers, as they are far more vulerable, it is not seldomly seen that their brains melt, or the have a completely changed character, most of the time the opposit of how they were before. For example ; a lawful and very pious individual would become an evil, slutty individual. The exact radius of this technique is not known, but one could presume it to be as large as it would be needed to be. From a small city to an entire star system.

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