Meditron Concept
Meditron, the Repair-Bot
Vital statistics
Title The Repair-Bot
Gender male
Race Unknown
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Crogenitor Insurgency
Tools Nanoblaster, Proton Beam, Nanobot Launcher, Nanopistol
Abilities Cyber Genesis, 'Gamma' Power
Status Alive

"I'm a doctor, not a fighter pilot!" - Meditron

Meditron, also known as the Repair-Bot, is a hero from a planet called Infinity. He was a retired medic before the Darkspore Threat, then the Hellcat Squadran Universe Consortium War. He was fighting The Darkspore with Blitz and Maldri when encountered by Hellcat Squadran in Zelem's Nexus. When the Crogenitor Insurgency joined the Coalition, Meditron quickly outranked Quel 'Zeelom as the Coalition's foremost medical expert, being 20 times as experienced and 100 times as quick in the emergency room.


His personality has been described by members of the United Federation of Planets as 'so close to Dr Leonard McCoy of the original NCC-1701, it's not funny'. He is known to be highly emotional, but is an excellent doctor and medic, especially with the aid of billions of Nanobots.


  • The initial idea for Meditron's personality was for it to be Borg-Like, because of the Nano-Bots. This was later dropped.
  • Despite the moniker, Meditron is not actually a robot. In fact, with the sole exception of Seraph-XS, no Cyber Genesis Genetic Hero is a robot.
Meditron Gamma

Meditron's Gamma Mode

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