Vital statistics
Gender male
Race Unknown (presumably human)
Physical Age unknown
Alignment Neutral
Faction None
Abilities Teleportation, Opening Portals to the Doom Dimension, Rest Unknown
Status Alive

Masquerade is the male Alter Ego of Alice Gehabich. She only turns into Masquerade in highly-dangerous situations, ones that Masquerade is easily capable of escaping from. Masquerade turns back into Alice when he removes his mask from his/her face.

One thing everyone finds unusual about Alice and Masquerade is the, although Alice is clearly female, Masquerade is clearly male.

When the transformation is observed the first (and only) time Alice was ever at Kaven Base, Hellcat Squadran categorized Masquerade as Alice's 'Ascent Mode', due to the extremity of Masquerade's spatial distortion abilities.


Unlike Alice, whose only special trait is her strategic capability, Masquerade has not only that, but various supernatural abilities. One of them allows Masquerade to teleport short distances. Also, Masquerade can summon Portals to the Doom Dimension. However, these portals can only completely suck in weaker enemies, while stronger ones (Veteran Special Ops regulars and up) or large groups of weaker ones are merely tired by the Portals.

Masquerade's other abilities are unknown.

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