This character is 'Blaze' from Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War.

Marquis Hatcher
Random Guy
Vital statistics
Title Osean Captain
Callsign Blaze
Gender Male
Race Human
Physical Age
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Osea (Formerly), Hellcat Squadran
Vehicles F-14D, F-22A
Status Alive

Marquis 'Blaze' Hatcher, also called 'Kid' by his former superior Captain Bartlett, was a pilot from a nation called Osea in an alternate universe. He and his Squadron, Razgriz Squadron, was pulled into the Hellcat Squadran Universe by a Rift Storm.


Pre-Hellcat SquadranEdit

Treklan WarEdit

Shadow WarEdit

Resurrectal WarEdit

Consortium WarEdit

Post-Consortium War ConflictsEdit

Locust/Lambent WarEdit

Battle or NirnEdit

(Coming Soon)Edit

Visarius IncidentEdit

During the Battle of the Volfgang, Marquis and Kei both accompanied Holly's strike force onto the Volfgang. Although mostly pilots and not good at ground combat, both Marquis and Kei managed to kill a few Sith soldiers, while Holly fought with Sen. Both managed to escape the Volfgang with the rest of the Infiltration Team after Visarius was killed.

Decepticon AttackEdit


Marquis Hatcher cares deeply for the other members of his fighter wing, especially Kei Nagase, who he ends up marrying soon after joining Hellcat Squadran. He is unforgiving of those who would kill Kei or any other member of Cerberus Wing.

Relations with other individualsEdit

Kei NagaseEdit

Marcus Snow and Hans GrimmEdit


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