Machindra arriving in NYC
Vital statistics
Title Master of Darkness
Callsign /
Gender Male
Race Mirror-verse Entity
Physical Age /
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Faction Master of Darkness
Tools He's a huge armed machine.
Abilities Most intelligent being alive.

High resistance Energy-based abilities

Vehicles None
Status Alive

Machindra is the tactical advisor of the Master of Darkness, and from raw power the strongest.




Although he speaks quietly, Machinedra is as ruthless and insane as Pied or Puppet. He is also the second biggest Master of Darkness among the group, Metalseadra being the biggest. He is a monstrous sadist who loves to destroy, and of all the Master of Darkness employed the most brutal, offensive approach by dispatching the forces of the Metal Empire to eliminate their enemies. However he is not above mindless destruction, and will murder anyone with no remorse whatsoever. Pied himself seemed to have the most faith in Machinedra's abilities than any of the other Masters of Darkness, as he was sure their enemies would not be able to pass him. His destruction of NYC,LA and Miami makes him the most prolific murderer of the Masters of Darkness.

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