M1A4H 'Trident' Abrams
Vehicle statistics
Owner HS Tank Divison (formerly), Kingdom of Dalmasca
Vehicle Classification {{{class}}}
Vehicle Type Experimental Heavy Battle Tank
Faction GDI (Formerly), Hellcat Squadran (Formerly), Kingdom of Dalmasca (Current)
Special Modifications Laser Cannon, Electromagnetic Field (Unintentional, but useful)
Status 5-6 operational as Dalmascan Tanks

The Trident Abrams is a strandard Abrams tank mounting a high intensity Laser similar to the Falken's only smaller that repalces the Abrams's remote weapon station M2 machine gun. The laser itself is very powerful, once causing an Avatar battle mech to collapse to one knee, and produced an electromagnetic fied, that didn't effect the passangers, crew, or tank systems, but caused missiles locked onto the tank to lose their lock and swerve away from the tank. The laser was a mere prototype by the end of the Treklan war and only saw one fire when Ash shot it at an Avatar's knee joint so he could get his gunner clean on the mech's cockpit. Laser proved to be finicky in battle and very delecate as it over heated and shut down during a battle.

Post-Treklan War/Shadow WarEdit

After the war the Trident Abrams was mothballed by order of Icebite when laser weapons for ground vehicles proved impractical, and Tory was also unavalible to rebuild it. Fast Saber took a look at it once and a while but had no real idea on how to fix it and soon lost interest with it. However, with Species 8472 and the Scrin during the Shadow War, IceBite was working on a top-secret prototype for a successor: the M1A5H Broadsword Abrams, with much more successful results. He revealed its existance to Tomcat, May, Tory, and Fast Saber, saying that it will take the Trident's place as Hellcat Squadran's Super-Tank. However, the 'Trident' was not to be permenantly dropped: all remaining models had the laser cannon up-rooted, replaced with their 'Broadsword' Laser counterpart, and all models were given, along with the left-unproduced ADFX-01H Strider, to the Dalmascans.

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