M1A1 Abrams
M1A1 Abrams
2 Abrams Tanks
Vehicle statistics
Owner HS Tank Divison
Vehicle Classification
Vehicle Type Main Battle Tank
Faction GDI, Hellcat Squadran
Special Modifications Tougher Armor
Status several operational

The main battle tank of choice for the US military, Global Defense Initiative, and Hellcat squadron. The main gun is a smooth bore 120mm cannon firing a number of shells. The most common is the depeleted uranium armor penetrator. The tank itself is fast well armed and well armored. The protection is enjoyed by the crew in reletive comfort thanks to the size of the tank. The only down fall to the Abrams is its high fuel consumption. This is offset slightly by the fact that it can use almost any type of gas such as fuel kerosin or desiel. The majority of government issued Abrams have been modified into M1A3 using hydrogen fuel cells and remote weapon station anti aircraft missile. The majority of Hellcat squadron tanks have only the fuel cell upgrades. One experimental Abrams Varient, developed by Tory, was the M1A4H 'Trident' it was an Abrams armed with a Laser turret system on the top of the Tank. This tanks saw action in the last days of the Treklan war; however the laser was used only once due to its complex system over heating after a single use. When the war ended the tank was moth balled, until it was given to the Dalmascans.