Lucius Clemens
Vital statistics
Title Team Zodiac Leader
Callsign Leo
Gender male
Race Human
Physical Age 24
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Tools MA37 Individual Combat Weapon System
Vehicles M12 LRV Warthog
Status Alive

"The marines are down, but we are not. Zodiac, let's move!" - Lucius-A125

Lucius Clemens, aka 'Lucius-A125', is a Spartan-III from the UNSC's Alpha Company. After being plucked from the battle by a freak Rift Storm, he became the leader of Spartan Team Zodiac. He appears to like Lyla-G264, but hides these feelings from the others.

He has a younger sister, Lilliana Clemens, who was also a Spartan-III of Alpha Company. He thought Lilliana was killed in Operation: PROMETHEUS, until, during the Skulblaka Incident, he and his team found her guarding a holy site of The Custodians, resulting in Lilliana joining Zodiac, after helping her and her team, Wargroup Falchion, defend the site from Skulblakan attackers.


Lucius usually prefers to spent time with other members of Zodiac, especially Lyla-G263. An excellent leader, Lucius has been known to inspire the other members of Zodiac to press on, even in seemingly-dire straits. However, deep within, he holds a lot of anguish, mostly for the death of his family. This anguish was lessened when he discovered his younger sister, a fellow Spartan-III he thought had died in Operation: PROMETHEUS, was alive and in the care of (and working with) The Custodians.

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