Lor'Kair'Jaxis with his troops
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Lagas
Physical Age Unknown, presumably a billion years old
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction Lagas Remnants, Planar Society
Tools Lagas Blades, Lagas Plate Armor, Lagas Omni-Tool
Abilities All Lagas Abilities
Vehicles Lagas Fighter
Status Alive

Lor'Kair'Jaxis is an ancient Lagas veteran, who apparently witnessed the war between the Lagas and the enemy that destroyed their plane. He leads a group of Lagas that call themselves the Lagas Remnants, and works to protect those expelled from the Common Planes from more malevolent forces.

Lor'Kair'Jaxis, through looking over records left by the Lagas's ancient enemy after their destruction, and from reports and legends told by survivors of Skulblaka's invasions. It wasn't until 45 million years ago, however, that Alteria, who'd recently escaped the plane of Golara, was discovered and rescued by Lor that he came to learn of the Erachi.

Lor'Kair'Jaxis was the one who found Adriana Llehctim trapped in interplanar space, and explained to her the threat Skulblaka posed to her plane, before modifying her with Lagas DNA, giving her a large cache of Lagas technology, and returned her to her home, on the eve of the invasion of Skulblaka, so she could gather a force to hold back Skulblaka's forces until the Erachi takes Skulblaka down.


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