Lopez the Heavy
Lopez wielding a Missile Pod
Vital statistics
Programmed Gender Male
AI Type Robot
Activation Date
Faction Red Team, Hellcat Squadran
System Compatibility Robot Body
Additional Programming
Status Online
Appearance (Eye Color for Monitor) Brown Mrk VI MJOLNIR Armor


After Lopez was kidnapped by O'Malley, the weather machine in his body was activated, a bolt of lightning from Lopez's weather machine activates Church's bomb. Said bomb went off in Church's body, and, as a result Lopez lost his torso and his lower body and he was left with just a head. He was saved by O'Malley, who took him to his "evil lair". There, he would operate a machine gun to defend the evil lair. Following his creation, Lopez has created many objects for the Red Team, such as the "EMP" Warthog, The Motorcycle Holoroom and two Mongooses. He has also learned to make two of every vehicle, as one will undoubtedly be broken almost immediately (as exemplified with Simmons's near-instant destruction of a Mongoose.) He also managed to make a robot army without a body.


At one point, a voice card was sent from Red Command for the mute Lopez to use, but Sarge failed to ground himself when deploying the card, discharging static which damaged the card, meaning that Lopez could only speak Spanish. The only ones that can understand him are IceBite, Natalia (among the many languages implanted in her by Nod), Sheila, and (ironically) ANS-1-2 'Holly'. Sarge often claims to be able to translate Lopez's Spanish. When, during Reconstruction, he heads out to reunite the team, he gives Lopez a long pep talk. During this, however, Lopez constant points out flaws in the message they received, and Sarge's own logic. But of course, Sarge just keeps on talking. Lopez appears to hate Donut mainly due to the fact that Donut keeps on talking in terrible Spanish. In Recreation he even suggests to Simmons multiple times that they could just kill Donut and bury him where no-one would find him.

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