Lina Hredon
Mass effect 3 miranda by patryk garrett-d37b86f
Lina sitting in one of the chairs in her house, using a holo-tool she made.
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Physical Age 23
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran - Task Force Omikron
Tools Holo-Tool, M4A1, G18
Status Alive


Lina Hredon is a former NATO Private. After she left NATO, due to dislike of the political red-tape, she began looking for other jobs, and found Hellcat Squadran. She was told to join either Task Force Omikron or the Ghost Commandos, to which she chose Omikron. She became it's newest member.


Lina hits on nearly every of age male she meets. Omikron has used this several times, where she would seduce guards away from their post. She makes friends easily, as long as they can tolerate her flirting. She became good friends with Leandra Jackson and Rebecca Draiman. In battle she is described as one of the coldest fighters alive, always using dirty tactics to win. Some believe she has a minor addiction to Coca Cola, but it's never been proven.


  • Task Force Omikron - She is friends with each member, some more then others.
  • IceBite - Initially, she hated him, then grew to respect him more.
  • Ryan Ferran - Thinks he's hot, and that Claire is lucky. As a person, she likes him.
  • Veron Dredver - He scares her.

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