Lilliana Clemens
Lilliana, out of her armor
Vital statistics
Callsign Gemini
Gender Female
Race Human
Physical Age 21
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction UNSC (Formerly), The Custodians - Wargroup Falchion, Hellcat Squadran - Omega Squad - Spartan Team Zodiac
Tools Custodian-modified MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mark V, Custodian-modified BR85 Heavy Barrel Service Rifle, Custodian-modified MA5C Individual Combat Weapon System, Custodian-modified M392 Designated Marksman Rifle, Custodian-modified M6G Personal Defense Weapon System
Abilities Voice Remodulation (through Custodian implants), Link to the Custodians
Vehicles Custodian-modified AC-220 Vulture Gunship
Status Alive

Lilliana-A126, or "Lily", was a girl who escaped the Covenant early in the Human-Covenant War, only to get shot in larynx, leaving her mute. She then joined Alpha Company of the Spartan-III program and was thought killed in Operation: PROMETHEUS. However, she was rescued, before the UNSC could investigate, by a group of mysterious inter-universal aliens called The Custodians, an organization started by a race that worshiped The Guardians.

After fixing multiple injuries she had, including those she sustained escaping the Covenant before joining the Spartan-III company, she became one of the protectors of The Custodians' main holy site. Among these repairs was an artificial cybernetic larynx implant, which also serves as a built-in comlink and can, at will, re-modulate her voice, allowing her to disguise it (or distort it). She also has an implant that allows her to remain connected to The Custodians, which can serve to either inform her when they need her...or they have tips that could aid her's and Zodiac's mission. These tips occasionally come in the form of cryptic (though accurate to the situation) riddles.

Lilliana is the younger sister of Lucius-A125, and their reunion, when Spartan Team Zodiac discovered the holy site of The Custodians was considered touching to all present.


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