Lesar'ehal'intali (Rehali)
Rehali's usual outfit
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Mehtohn-created Hybrid (Chiss, Krana Xa, Toa)
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction Twilight Order
Tools Lightsaber, Modified Plasma Shield Blaster
Abilities Force Powers, Plasma Elemental Powers, Ability to command Bohrok
Status Alive

Lesar'ehal'intali, core name Rehali, is a hybrid created by Darth Mehtohn using Chiss and Toa of Plasma DNA, as well as genetic material from a Krana Xa.

Her existance was discovered by the Twilight Order during the Skulblaka conflict, but couldn't be acted upon until Skulblaka was defeated. Once they got a chance, with the help of their new allies from New Hyrule, the Twilight Order assaulted the facility Darth Mehtohn was creating Rehali in, Tessarahk ending up dueling his former master. After Tessarahk won the duel (partly thanks to Link and Zelda's aid), Tessarahk and his comrades managed to liberate Rehali from Mehtohn's experiments.

After a few months of Rehali making sense of her situation, she joined up with the Order as an acolyte, allowing her to master both her Elemental Powers and her connection to the Force.


Due to being a prototype for Mehtohn's own augmentations, Rehali has a variety of abilities, many of which were sorely untrained when she first awoke.

Firstly, Rehali has a deeply-ingrained connection to the Force. This connection is strong, and rather dangerous, since she, when she originally awoke, had little to no control over it. This required Tessarahk to bring in multiple Force Users he is acquanted with to help train her.

Secondly, due to her Toa of Plasma DNA, Rehali has access to Plasma Elemental Powers. This means she can manipulate and even produce plasma in a variety of ways. Her Toa DNA also means that, once she attains the required mental discipline and willpower, she'll be able to produce a Nova Blast and use Kanohi masks.

Finally, due to the genetic material obtained from Krana within Rehali, she can control Bohrok, in massive numbers if she trains the ability. Due to this, one of Tessarahk's primary goals right now is to uncover a Bohrok Hive, preferably an abandoned one, to give Rehali some Bohrok to train this ability on, and later, some assets for her to control.


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