Lelith Hesperax
Lelith hesperax by imashimethedaemon-d3jxmpp
Lelith in her battle dress
Vital statistics
Title None
Callsign Agent Beta
Gender Female
Race Dark Eldar
Physical Age 3.6 Billion years
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Faction Agent of James MacPherson
Tools Weapons
Abilities Quickest reflexes and actions ever recorded, no matter how fast you are, Lelith is faster
Vehicles Numerous
Status Alive

Lelith Hesperax is the Succubus of the Wych Cult of Strife. She is best known for her abilities in the Dark Eldar coliseums and is considered the undisputed master of the gladiatorial arenas. Instances have been recorded of her fighting up to ten opponents simultaneously without receiving a scratch. Her preferred combat dress is to expose as much bare skin as she can and to wear her hair loose in order to taunt her opponents into attacking, a fact that draws significant attention from spectators. Away from the coliseums of Commorragh and on the battlefields of the she is unmatched in hand to hand combat and her speed and skill make her a truly deadly opponent.


She is a master of all Wych Weapons, but is most commonly seen wielding an Impaler and Falchion or a simple pair of wickedly sharp knives. In addition to her conventional weapons, Lelith's hair is sewn through with barbs and hooks and her fingernails have been honed to scaplel sharpness.

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