Leliana Korra Lexus Julian Sigurdson
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Physical Age 23
Alignment Neutral
Faction None
Tools Any available weapon
Abilities None
Vehicles None
Status Deceased


Leliana was younger of two twin sisters who were born out of an affair between Ryan Ferran and Leandra Sigurdson. She was raised dominantly by her mother, as neither her or her sister, Morrigan knew who their father was until it was explained to them when they were sixteen. Leliana reacted better than her sister, who did not appreciate it being kept from them. Leliana understood however, and remained on largely good terms with her mother and new father. Ryan remained distant, given his other family, but Leliana made it a point to visit him whenever his family was away, so they could see one another as father and daughter.

When Morrigan moved out, Leliana stayed with their mother and lived there, not working, except for sometimes helping with her mother's directorial career. At age eighteen, she visited Earth to meet the Earth Ferrans. When she was twenty, she pulled a Ferran and decided to stay with her mother.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Leliana is the more calm and caring of her and her sister. She is compassionate to everyone who isn't a cold-blooded murderer, rapist, child molester, or other such things. She is a talented close quarters combatant, but excels as a sniper and marksman, and is called by some to be the best sniper in the universe. Her mother taught her to play guitar, while teaching her sister bass guitar, and the two sometimes play at local coffee shops or festivals to make money on the side. Leliana has also shown a preference for avoiding violence whenever possible, wishing it wasn't necessary. She is also known to, surprisingly, be the more flirty of the two sisters.


  • Morrigan Sigurdson - Leliana and Morrigan are very close, and kept in contact after Morrigan moved out. Leliana would cheerfully die for her, as well as would kill anyone who came between them.
  • Leandra Sigurdson - Leliana and her mother are on permanent good terms, even after Morrigan moved out.
  • Ryan Ferran - Until Leliana learned of her true heritage, she saw Ryan as an uncle. Once he was revealed to be her father, she immediately made as much of an effort as possible to get to know him as parent and child. He became her father figure, and she cares greatly for him.


  • Leliana in fall attire.
  • Leliana in one of her winter outfits.
  • Leliana's armor.
  • Leliana in a forest.
  • Leliana on a swing.

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