LR-6000 'Perceptor'
Vital statistics
Programmed Gender Male
AI Type LR-DC12 Sonics Warfare Prototype
Activation Date Unknown
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Function Sonic Warfare, Communications
System Compatibility Capable of interfacing with most Coalition Computer systems
Equipment Resonance Blaster
Additional Programming
Status Online
Appearance (Eye Color for Monitor) Miniaturized purple Black Streak

Designed after Holly's Cybertronian 'offspring' Black Streak, Perceptor is the prototype of Holly's LR-DC12 Sonic Warfare Drones. As the prototype, Holly equipped him with various diagnostic systems, mostly to test his stability, as well as that of his weapons.

When the testing for Holly's Resonance Blasters was completed, he took over as the communications officer of the DDS Stormblade. However, Perceptor himself is silent, other than momentary comments in Binary, and sometimes replaying recorded comments to get a message across. He also consistantly modifies himself, having added a pair of cybernetic tentacles to his torso, which end in graspers that can also act as weapons, drills, etc.

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