Krel Concept
Krel, the Living Firestorm
Vital statistics
Title The Living Firestorm
Gender male
Race Unknown
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction Crogenitor Insurgency, Hellcat Squadran - Phantom Legion
Tools Tri-Launcher, Nova Blaster, Flare Launcher, Cross Cannon
Abilities Plasma Genesis, 'Delta' Powers
Status Alive

"GRRR!!!! 'eve ralone!!!!!!!" - Krel, to mercenaries threatening Natalia

Krel is a barely-sentient, dog-like creature from the world Cryos. He met the Coalition with other genetic heroes at Scaldron.


He's barely sentient, so he acts kind of like a dog. Many of the minors in Hellcat Squadran, especially Natalia, like Krel.


  • His speech syle is based off of Scooby-Doo, because of his canine-like appearence and semi-sentience.
Krel Delta

Krel's Delta Form

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