Vital statistics
Title Naranek
Gender Unknown
Race Vorlon
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction Army of Light, Vorlon Empire
Tools Encounter Suit
Abilities Psionic, Energy Manipulation
Vehicles Vorlon Transport
Status Alive

"And so it begins..." - Kosh, regarding the Army of Light's involvement in the Tether War

Kosh Naranek is the ambassador of the Vorlon Empire to the Army of Light, and also the Army of Light's Ambassador to the Coalition.


Kosh mainly displays almost no personality at all, although he mostly speaks in riddles and metaphors. He also seems to be able to predict the future to some extent, and sometimes weaves these predictions into advice or warnings he gives. What personality he does display, however, shows he cares about the survival of the "younger races", as he calls the Army of Light's and Coalition's composite races (Although rumors state that that name applies to the composite races of the non-Shadow AoUD members, as well).

It is, however, apparent that he can feel amusement: when his cryptic responses incite an annoyed response, he appears to be slightly amused by it.

He occasionally shows interest in certain individuals, such as John Sheridan of the Army of Light, Holly Lund-Urec of Hellcat Squadran, and the members of Task Force Sigma (Iris Bellamy in particular), whom he believes will have important parts in the future of the galaxy.


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