Korra Ferran
Korra Ferran 1
Vital statistics
Callsign Avatar
Gender Female
Race Human
Physical Age 17
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran-Phantom Legion
Tools Armor
Abilities Water Elemental Powers

Fire Elemental Powers

Vehicles Personal Fighter
Status Alive

Korra Ferran, the daughter of Ryan Ferran and Claire Farron-Ferran, is a master of both the elements of Fire and Water.


Korra was born in July of 2161 to the newly returned General Ryan Ferran and his wife Claire. From an early age, she showed signs of being extremely smart, learning to talk six months before a regular child. After the 'Demon' War and seeing how brave her father was, she vowed to become a great warrior like him. Just a few weeks after, they found out that she could control both Fire and Water. Later, when she had mastered the ability of water, she learned to use Ice as an offshoot of her powers. Here, she was trained personally by IceBite.


Korra is overall a happy person. It is extremely hard to cause her disstress or saddness. However, this has caused her to become both flirty and a jokester. Her jokes have gotten her in trouble before, and her flirtyness has been taken literally before, although not intentional. Korra can conciously use 95% of her brain, the highest percentage ever recorded. This causes her to be incredibly smart, quick witted, and quick to act, able to process all scenarios and outcomes in a matter of seconds, sometimes less.


"How an I supposed to make you mad if you always approve of me?"

"Easy, do something I don't approve of."

"But you approve of everything!"

"A sad cycle, is it not?"

Korra and Ryan arguing.


"Watching her is nostalgic, isn't it? She reminds me so much of the orginal Zeta group members."

"She would have fit in perfectly with them. IceBite, promise me something. Promise you will do your best to let her have the fun times that we've all had over the years."

"I promise. Let's bring back the good times, eh?"

IceBite and Ryan talking about Korra.


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