Korbinian Rapp
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human (Wereraven)
Physical Age 27
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction GTVA
Abilities Torillian Magic, Transform into either a Raven or Wereraven hybrid
Vehicles Various GTVA Fighters
Status Alive

Korbinian is a wereraven vigilante from Veldton, who operated in the city from 2285 to 2326. In 2336, a decade after meeting Ainslie Verity, Korbinian joined the GTVA, as a pilot, his skill in flying in his raven form giving him some manner of skill in a fighter. He later joined the 70th Blue Lions.

Korbinian's fighter of choice is the GTF Perseus, although he's been known to also fly the GTF Pegasus, GTF Erinyes, and GTF Ares.

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