Kopaka Nuva
Kopaka Nuva
Vital statistics
Title Toa of Ice
Gender Male
Race Toa
Physical Age Around 100,000 Years
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction Order of Mata Nui
Tools Akaku Nuva, Midak Skyblaster, Blizzard Blade
Abilities Ice Elemental Powers
Vehicles Jetrax T6
Status Alive

Kopaka is the deputy leader of the Toa Nuva. Of all the Toa, he seems to get into the least amount of trouble.


Kopaka was serious, cold and analytical. He was a loner, preferring to go solo instead of teaming up. He would often be in rivalry with Tahu, their elements reflecting their different and conflicting natures.

Although Kopaka oftenly displayed his cold side and to many it seemed like it was all there was in him. But if one would take the time to look a little deeper into his character, it would find a loyal guardian with a caring heart who was willing to risk everything to protect his home, Matoran, Turaga, his Brother and Sister Toa, and Coalition Military Commanders. He was very protective of the Matoran and other civilians, thinking that exposing them to danger was not the deed of a responsible Toa.

Pohatu was possibly Kopaka's closest friend, with Lewa also considered a good friend.

Armor SettingsEdit


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