Kira Konison
290px-Ziva David
Kira during an undercover op.
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Physical Age 25
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran - Task Force Omikron
Tools Any weapon she can find, medical supplies.
Vehicles Shadowhawk 7
Status Deceased

Kira Konison is the adoptive older sister of Leandra Jackson and one of the combat medics of Task Force Omikron.


Kira and her father adopted Leandra when the latter was very young. Kira taught her most of the combat skills she knows, as well as some medical expertise. When Mandalore entered the Hellcat Squadran Universe, Kira stayed there for a long time, somehow being exposed to Species 0002 along the way. Sh eventually left and joined Hellcat Squadran, where she became a member of Task Force Omikron, and became one of it's leading combat medics.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Kira lacks a Leandra's competitive nature, instead believing that others can and will be better then her. She is very protective of her family members, not trusting Zack a lot when they first met. She is deeply into Mandalorian Culture. She is often preyed upon by unwitting men while she's off duty and off base, to her annoyance. Out of her, Leandra, and Alana, she is described as being the calmest yet deadliest. Under her appearance of a peaceful being, she has twice the combat skill of Leandra and three times as much as Alana.


  • Task Force Omikron - She treats every member of Task Force Omikron as a sibling.
  • Leandra Jackson - Leandra and Kira are very close, and are protective of one another.
  • Valarian Taymor - She quickly developed feelings for him after she joined, and they soon started dating.
  • Ryan Ferran - She likes Ryan a lot, partly because of how much he cared for Leandra up until Kira joined, and partly because he's a fellow Mando.

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