Kenzie Bree
Kenzie Bree
Vital statistics
Title Ghost Squad Saint Tech Expert/Medic
Callsign Prophet
Gender Female
Race Human
Physical Age 24
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Tools Ghost Commando Armor
Vehicles F-69 Kakashi
Status Alive

Kenzie is a talented technician and essential part of Ghost Squad Saint.


Born in Denver on January 21st, 2079, a young Kenzie grew up without a father and a mother who was not around much. She took to computers to fill the void in her life and became an expert at programming and hacking. In 2098, she joined the FBI. In 2100, she quit due to them not responding on evidence that pointed towards a terrorist attack. A month later, she joined Hellcat Squadran, hoping to join their cyber-warfare unit. However, they believed her talents were better suited as a tech expert in a Ghost Commando squad. She filled the void left by Valentine Price in Ghost Squad Saint for six months until she returned. After that, she became the fifth member of the squad.


Ryan Ferran: Since Kenzie grew up without a father, she looks to Ryan to fill the gap left. She often works with Ethan and Rebecca on computer and technical assignments.

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