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Vital statistics
Type Air Base
Location Nevada/California
Inhabitants Hellcat Squadran, GDI

Kaven base located in California and Nevada serves as the headquarters for Hellcat Squadran's activities. The facility has numerous medical facilites each specializing in certain fields of medicine as well as research. A drone factory is also on site and is used to produce targets for training pilots, as well as Battle Drones for defense purposes. The base has standard military facilities as well as the corporation headquarters and residential areas.


  • Defense Solar Power System
  • Railgun Power Plant
  • Railgun Defense Cannon Perimeter
  • Command Center/Lodging
  • Fighter Hanger
  • Underground transport craft maintanance Hanger
  • Residential and educational facilities.
  • Underground Laboratory Facilities
  • Laboratory X-201 (Sealed off, Demon Infested)
  • Narsil
  • Spacedocks
Kaven Base

Kaven Base Command Center

Landfall Pelicans

Underground maintinance Facility

Underground Hanger

Launch Bay


The defense network is powered by solar panels and is capable of detecting air ground and space targets. The network includes several automatic and manual SAM Missile Launchers and Auto-cannons. However, the main defenses are 5-6 200 mm Railguns.


One experimental defense system, made by Tory from designs given by rogue Belkans who were brought to the Universe through the time lapse, is the Narsil Defense Tower, an Excaliber-Type Chemical Laser Weapon. Narsil's primary purpose is to serve as an anti-Nuclear Missile system. It was first used at the end of the Treklan War, to take down a Nod Nuclear Cruise missile that threatened the Western US. The Missile was sliced in half by the Chemical Laser, thereby rendering the missile useless.