Joshamee Gibbs
Joshamee Gibbs
Vital statistics
Callsign None
Gender Male
Race Human
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Tools Cutlass-like Lightsaber, Flintlock Pistol-Like Plasma Pistol
Vehicles HCS Asgard
Status Alive


Joshamee Gibbs was a superstitious man, worried of pirates during his time with the British Royal Navy, then later of more supernatural entities. He was particularly superstitious of the Black Spot, and performed a short ritual at the time when he saw it. He was also highly knowledgeable of pirate lore, and kept to the Pirate code of the Brethren the majority of the time though he did break it at least once in order to rescue Jack Sparrow from Fort Charles. Despite being superstitious about many things, Gibbs appeared to be skeptical of the existence of the Kraken and mermaids. However it was likely that he was just trying to convince himself as well as his companions that the creatures weren't real.

Joshamee loved rum and was often seen drinking it from his flask. He loved the drink so much that he was reluctant to use it as a substitute for gunpowder but he knew that staying alive was more important than having a drink that he enjoyed. The expression on Gibbs' face at that time showed that he was considering death instead and was in pain to see the rum be exploded as the alternative to a most horrifying death.

Gibbs was close friends with Jack Sparrow and was a loyal first mate to his captain. He was willing to break the Code in order to help Jack as proven when he rescue him from Fort Charles. Joshamee greatly admired Jack for his quick thinking and surprisingly honorable personality. Joshamee himself was also more honourable than most pirates. He also befriended Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, the latter being able to recognize him after approximately eight years apart.

Joshamee Gibbs was immediately recognizable from his portly build, his ruddy complexion, and his distinctive "muttonchops" facial hair. Gibbs' clothing was typical of warrant officers of the Royal Navy, though it was torn and tattered in places, namely his coat, which had its sleeves torn off.

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